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  • What size area can the diffuser cover?
    Depending on the model you choose, our diffusers can cover areas from as little as your car or small room up to 300 sq. m with our free-standing models. We are currently preparing to offer range of professional diffusers that are connected directly to central air condition systems and can cover up to 15 000 sq. m.
  • How long does it take for e-Motion portable mini diffuser to charge?
    It takes about 3 hours to fully charge, it comes with its own USB cable, and you can use the diffuser while it is charging. Full charge will allow approximately 70 hrs of running time and it can stay on or switch off after 1,2 or 3 hours, depending on your choice.
  • How long will the oil last?
    Depending on your selected intensity and frequency of use it can last for 2-3 months, in bigger diffuser models up to 6 months or even a year, so you can just set up your preferences and enjoy the amazing aroma day by day.
  • Can I change the intensity of the aroma?
    Yes, all our diffusers give you the option to control the aroma intensity by choice of intensity and interval settings, either manually or via mobile app in Bluetooth enabled models.
  • Is the disinfection oil safe for daily use?
    Safety and effectiveness of our oils is certified by European Chemicals Agency – ECHA. All the components used for production must satisfy the strictest EU regulations and standards for safety. The concentration of every single component in our oil formulations falls far below the permitted exposure limit. ECHA has the strictest limits regulating the use of the components that are used in any product formulation applicable in human presence and our oils are certified to be non-allergenic, non-carcinogenic and completely safe. Disinfecting component added to our aroma oils is absolutely harmless to the health of humans, animals and plants. It is routinely used for disinfection of skin and mucous membranes and even has health benefits, as it is also used in spas worldwide for inhalation procedures as well as in various spa treatments. Therefore, our aroma oils can be used while people are present, even near children or animals. This preventive method of disinfection can be used daily all year round to ensure continuous preventive disinfection and pleasant aroma in any type of room, workplace, or public space.
  • Can NEW AROMA® oils cause an allergic reaction?
    Aroma oils are diffused in exceptionally low concentrations that are far below the regulated limits due to small particle size, with the scent effect of less than one particle per million (PPM). The allergy threshold for most people is over 100 PPM. Our aroma oils are made of high-quality ingredients manufactured under the strict EU regulations. Safety and effectiveness of our oils is certified by European Chemicals Agency – ECHA and the concentration of every single component in our oil formulations falls far below the permitted limit. ECHA has strict limits regulating the components that are used in manufacturing of any product formulation and our oils are certified to be non-allergenic, non-carcinogenic and completely safe. Still, it’s necessary to follow the label instructions and to observe good health and safety practices when handling the oils in their concentrated form, to prevent skin and eye contact, avoid ingestion of the oil, wash your hands thoroughly after installation or refilling of the diffusers and keep them away from children.
  • Why are there differences in colour between different aroma oils?
    It is normal that colour of the oils might differ, this is due to the content of natural components and slightly different composition of each aroma oil formulation.
  • Can I change the aroma oil in the diffuser before it runs out?
    Yes, every 20 ml aroma oil bottle works as independent refill for our e-Motion model, that can be simply unscrewed and changed for new bottle, depending on your mood or momentary preference. It is also possible to change the oils in bigger diffuser models (Tower, Basic, …), all you have to do is to empty the inner glass container, you can return the content to the original 100ml or 200ml aroma oil bottle and fill it with different aroma oil of your choice.
  • Is there any way to try the aroma oils?
    Absolutely. Our sample pack allows you to choose up to four 20 ml aroma oils for special price. In case you are considering buying one of the bigger diffuser models, e.g. Tower, the 20 ml bottle will last for approx. two weeks of daily use, which should give you enough time to evaluate.
  • Can I use aroma oils from other brands in NEW AROMA diffusers?
    No, our diffusers are specifically designed to work with NEW AROMA® oils only and no other brand of aroma oils or essential oils should be used in NEW AROMA® diffusers, as this could cause damage to the diffuser and will void the warranty.
  • Can diffusion of NEW AROMA® disinfecting oils protect from contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing Covid-19 or any other illnesses?
    NEW AROMA® disinfecting oils have been tested with variety of methods to evaluate and confirm their functionality and efficiency in inactivating the pathogens in air and on surfaces and reducing their numbers over time, however it is important to bear in mind, that our products provide just additional layer of protection that significantly reduces the spread of viruses, bacteria and mould spores and inhibit their growth and reproduction and it works best as preventative daily measure. Its efficiency depends on your frequency of use and other environmental factors, and you should not rely on our products alone to contain or prevent the transmission of pathogens completely. Customer should evaluate their specific application and conditions when assessing the product’s benefits. It is still important to adhere to all applicable public health laws and guidelines issued by authorities including but not limited to use of face masks, social distancing rules, hand hygiene, etc.
  • Can I return aroma oils if I do not like the scent?
    Due to the nature of these products, all sales are final. However, you can order aroma oil samples to try the aroma before you buy full size product.
  • What are the warranty terms?
    We provide standard warranty of 12 months on all products. Please see Delivery and Returns section for more information.
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