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Air and surface disinfection in one easy step

Unique patented Smart Aroma Technology Alfapureo® provides one easy solution for long-lasting aroma and effective protection.

Cold diffusion technology allows you to use less oil and harness all the possible benefits without the need for water or heat.  

The technology of preventive air and surface disinfection is based on the diffusion of atomised disinfecting oil. The inner container of our diffuser is filled with patented NEW AROMA disinfecting oil and the required intensity and interval is selected on control panel or in the app on your mobile device.


No maintenance, no extra time or personnel is needed to operate our diffusers. The settings can be changed or adjusted at any time.


NEW AROMA diffusers atomise the aroma oil in very fine particles, just a few micrometres in size, creating very light mist, that can remain floating in the air much longer than any water or alcohol-based aerosols; effectively expanding throughout the space and eliminating bacteria and viruses in the air and on the surfaces. 

image-how it works-h1.jpeg

The oils particles slowly evaporate, turning into gas. Due to the expansion of gases, the disinfecting particles can sanitise even hard to reach spaces. The air purifying effect starts immediately after the oil diffusion, however when it is used on daily bases, all the surfaces will develop a super-thin protective barrier that prevents the pathogen survival.

With regular use, the risk of contagion decreases rapidly with reduction of pathogen concentration.


This type of disinfection is simple, yet effective and is suitable for any type of interior like homes, schools, children play areas, offices, hospitals, hotels, spas, waiting rooms and any other indoor public areas.

Disinfecting component added to our aroma oils is safe and harmless, and even has health benefits, therefore our aroma oils can be used while people are present, with exception of the Nano Purity aroma oil, that is designed for use without human presence. 


The content of disinfecting aroma oil can last between two to six months, depending on the type of diffuser and chosen aroma intensity, which makes this technology also very cost efficient and convenient. 

Certified efficacy according to regulations:

EN 1276 proven bactericide effect after 60 min

EN 1650 proven fungicidal effect after 60 min

EN 13704 proven sporicidal effect after 60 min

EN 14476-A2:2020 proven virucide effect after 60 min

EN 13623:2020 effective against Legionella after 15 h


100% Safe aroma oils


Fragrance and disinfection in one


Leaves no greasy residue or stain


Easy operation, touch sensitive

app controlled

Attractive design

Applicable in presence of people

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