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Worried about mixing with others this Christmas? What if opening the window is not enough?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

We are faced with difficult decisions this holiday season again. Is it safe to have a Christmas party at work? Am I willing to mix with others and increase my chances of infection? Do I feel comfortable welcoming people to my home? Is it safe to meet older members of my family or am I putting them at risk?

Most of us probably have doubts and worries about the safety of our surroundings and the quality of the air we breathe, especially when meeting larger groups of people this winter.

We are all aware that virus particles hang around in the air and linger on surfaces for quite some time and even people with no apparent symptoms can spread them around.

We were also told that the best way to reduce the risk of infection is to wear face coverings, sanitise our hands and open the windows. These are all very good and valid points, and we strongly agree with all of them.

However, wearing a face covering is a bit impractical when you also want to enjoy your food and drink and sitting by an open window, while temperatures outside are getting close to zero degrees, is not very enjoyable.

So what other options are there, you may ask?

NEW AROMA disinfecting aroma oils and electric diffusers can help.

The unique patented smart aroma technology alfapureo® provides one easy solution for long-lasting aroma and effective protection. Our disinfecting aroma oils are safe and effective, as proven by scientific testing in real-life environments and laboratory conditions. Moreover, the disinfecting element we use is natural and harmless, and it is often used in spas for healing procedures and the disinfection of skin in medical settings.

NEW AROMA diffusers disperse the aroma oil into very fine particles, just a few micrometres in size, creating a very light mist, that can remain floating in the air much longer than any water or alcohol-based aerosols; effectively expanding throughout the space and eliminating bacteria and viruses in the air you breathe, and on the surfaces, you touch.

As the oil particles slowly evaporate, they turn into gas, which expands and carries the disinfecting particles even to hard-to-reach spaces. The air purifying effect starts immediately after the oil diffusion, however when it is used on daily bases, all the surfaces will develop a super-thin protective barrier that prevents the pathogens' survival. With regular use, the risk of contagion decreases rapidly with the reduction in pathogen concentration.

This unique technology is being used in many homes, hospitals, schools, nurseries, offices, gyms and shopping centres across Europe and now is finally available on the UK market.

Now you can get that additional layer of protection and enjoy your holiday gatherings knowing, you are taking this extra step to protect yourself and others.

Our aroma oils are made of the highest quality ingredients, they can be used in presence of children and animals, and the diffusers are very quiet, consume very little aroma oil and add a touch of style.

In the words of one of our satisfied customers: "This might be the best purchase I made this year!"

But don't take our word for it, try it for yourself.

We wish you all a very merry, joyful Christmas! Take care and stay safe.

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