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Medical Care – disinfecting aroma oil

Medical Care – disinfecting aroma oil

PriceFrom £23.00

Aroma oil with certified disinfectant component with light, delicate scent of sweet and spicy cloves and relaxing eucalyptus. Designed for daily use in original New Aroma diffusers.


Delicate scent and disinfection in one.

Proven effectivity on bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi (including coronavirus).

Convenient and easy to use.

Doesn’t stain or leave greasy film.

Provides preventive disinfection of the air and all surfaces.


Recommended for: Surgeries, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Waiting rooms,

Home and Office, Beauty salons and Hairdressers, Changing rooms, Toilets, Schools and nurseries, Gyms, Cars, Public transport and many more…


Usage: Fill the inner container of diffuser with aroma oil, screw on the top with atomiser unit and switch on the device according to the diffuser manual. Unused oil should be securely closed in the original container and saved for future use. Do not dilute the aroma oil with water. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands with soap after handling. Always read the label and use the product responsibly. 

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