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Spirit of Dubai - Laundry perfume

Spirit of Dubai - Laundry perfume

PriceFrom £20.00

Exclusive laundry perfume Spirit of Dubai  - only a few drops will provide a long-lasting scent of oriental amber, sandalwood, spices and musk to all your laundry.


  • Use instead of fabric conditioner
  • Doesn't leave any residue or stains
  • Practical dispenser
  • 500 ml  lasts for 100 washes


Our laundry perfume replaces the fabric conditioner, just add a few pumps into the conditioner compartment in your washing machine before the washing cycle. Don't dilute with water! The scent is concentrated and long-lasting, your laundry will be smelling great for weeks. 



  • mild scent = 2 pumps (2,5 ml)
  • medium scent (recomended) = 4 pumps (5 ml)
  • strong scent = 6 pumps (7,5 ml)

Based on 5 kg of laundry. Intensity can be adjusted based on the size of your washing machine drum.


Why use our laundry perfume?

  • Leaves your laundry soft
  • Gentle for your skin and fabrics
  • Does not leave a slimy residue on your washing machine like fabric conditioners
  • Leaves no stains on your laundry
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