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Aroma oils with natural disinfecting element
The only interior fragrance with 
- unique smart aroma technology that
disinfects your living space.

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Revolutionary invention, which combines automatised interior aromatisation and disinfection.

  • The exclusive patent-pending technology will fill your space with the beautiful scent which simultaneously disinfects the air and all surfaces using scientifically tested, safe and natural disinfecting element.

  • Regular daily use of disinfectant aroma oils helps to maintain your rooms clean long-term.


Surround yourself with amazing scents, which keep harmful pathogens at bay.

Our mission is to bring safe and beautifully scented air to every home and workplace.

  • Scented oils are rigorously tested by independent third-party laboratories and certified for their safety and effectiveness.

  • Proven to significantly reduce the amount of harmful pathogenic microorganisms on all surfaces and in the air including SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus)

Aroma oils manufactured in EU


No alcohol, no water, no bleach, no chlorine. 


100% cosmetic grade oil, suitable for children and allergy sufferers, non-irritant for the respiratory system, manufactured in the state-of-art facility according to strict quality and safety standards.

Certified disinfectant properties


Patented natural disinfectant element destroys the outer cell walls of bacteria, viruses and moulds which leads to their destruction.

Ideal for daily use, safe for humans and animals as well.

In-house research and development


Scented oils of the highest quality, inspired by natural botanical aromas and renowned perfumes. Designed to uplift your senses whilst providing additional benefits as disinfection or specific odour neutralisation.


Innovative air purification technology

Atomised oil particles float in the air and can penetrate even the smallest crevices.

Laboratory tested; effectivity proven in real-life conditions.

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New Aroma UK Ltd.

20 Balfour, Tamworth, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, B79 7BH


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"I have many diffusers. This one is a favorite. I bought it because I wanted a waterless way to diffuse in our vehicles on long trips. It’s ended up being used daily around the house as well."

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