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Aroma oils that can help to clean the air you breathe? Yes, they do exist!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

NEW AROMA disinfecting aroma oils used together with NEW AROMA atomising diffusers can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and mould spores in the air and on all surfaces.

Over the last two years, protection against coronavirus has unquestionably become a hot topic worldwide.

NEW AROMA comes with a creative solution to fight the virus and create safer environments at home or work for everyone. The patented mix of aroma oil and natural disinfectant used in NEW AROMA electric diffusers has been proven to destroy virus particles and other pathogens. Today, this unique technology is finally available for wide public and professional and business use in the UK.

Ideal for your home, office, or car

Company NEW AROMA is an established partner in the field of scent marketing across Europe. Our diffusers and aroma oils are widely used in many restaurants, offices, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and even schools and nurseries.

We wanted to make this fantastic product accessible for individual use as well, therefore the new range of smaller diffusers is ideal for homes, offices, or even cars. They will create beautifully scented air but also neutralize viruses and other harmful pathogens directly in the air.

Another great benefit comes with the regular daily use of our aroma oils. The oil particles form an invisible protective barrier on all surfaces, which has an important preventive effect as it stops pathogens and virus particles from accumulating on the surfaces and makes frequently touched areas safer.

Our oils have been certified by European Chemical Agency to be safe to use in presence of humans, animals, and plants, during food preparation or consumption. The antiviral, antibacterial antifungal effect was tested and confirmed by certified independent laboratories, and they have been registered in the EU database of biocidal products, thus confirming the efficiency of our disinfecting oils against pathogens like coronavirus, flu viruses or staphylococcus aureus.

Thanks to our new website and e-shop we can finally offer NEW AROMA products to UK customers as well.

No disinfection smell and easy to use

Another great benefit of our technology is that you don’t have to worry about a typically unpleasant disinfection smell. All you can feel is a beautiful fragrance that creates a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and provides an additional level of protection.

If you've ever tried cold diffusion technology you probably know how superior this method of air aromatisation is. It provides unparalleled control of scent intensity and quiet, easy operation, which can be fully automatic in some of our diffuser models. Our Bluetooth-operated models can be set to switch on automatically even when you are not present. It will also make your aroma oils last for a long time, which makes it very cost-effective as well.

How does it all work?

The disinfecting component is combined with an aroma oil base during the production process. The aroma oil doesn’t contain any alcohol, irritants, or carcinogenic compounds. Their health safety is rigorously tested and certified by independent bodies, so you can rest assured that the use of our oils is safe.

The oils are compressed and dispersed by the atomising nozzle, which creates small micro-particles, just a few microns in size.

These particles are lighter than any water-based aerosols, usually created by ultrasonic diffusers, which means these ultra-light particles can float around for longer and efficiently mix with the air before slowly descending to the ground. Our diffusers don’t use any water or heat, so the beneficial characteristics of aroma oils are not compromised by heat.

The tests showed that they can get even into hard-to-reach spaces and crevices, which would be otherwise very difficult to clean. It helps to address the frequent problem of air conditioning units, which can often be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

NEW AROMA also developed a special, more concentrated aroma oil called NANO Purity in cooperation with Mr Bartosovic, a scientist specialising in disinfection and food hygiene, who owns a patent for this unique technology and who is a scientific guarantor of this project. NANO Purity oil utilises the strong disinfecting effect of silver nanoparticles and it is designed to be used without human presence, for enhanced cleaning and disinfection.

The disinfectant used in our aroma oils is natural and safe, it is routinely used for the disinfection of skin in medical settings or inhalation procedures.

It has a virucidal, bactericidal effect – in other words, kills viruses and bacteria including coronavirus. The natural disinfectant molecule is combined with aroma composition in a chemical reaction, which forms a bond with oil molecules. The final concentration of disinfectant in aroma oil is 0,25 % or 3 % in the more concentrated version. Together, our oils and diffusers can fragrance any space, from cars or smaller rooms to hotel lobbies, gyms, or even large shopping centres or exhibition halls, up to 15 000 sq. meters.

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